Professional knowledge courses focus on cutting – edge scientific topics and the core research activities, covering specific tumor types, topics within oncology, as well as new groundbreaking technologies. These courses will provide you with the right skills and expertise to apply these methods in you own research. 

The OOA offers a wide variety of professional knowledge courses, which you can take free of charge. We highly recommend our annual  ‘Basic Oncology’ course, as it provides you a solid foundation in oncology basics. Tumor immunology PhD candidates are required to take the ‘Advanced Immunology’ course.

Once familiar with the basic principles in oncology and/or immunology, you can take courses that are related to your research area. Besides the OOA, other graduate schools, institutes and universities also offer interesting courses that may be of great added value. Please note that some institutes charge a fee for their courses. It is important to check this out before enrolling in the course. 

Suggestions for professional knowledge courses:
Amsterdam UMC/UvA/VU -based:
OOA courses. Co-organized by Amsterdam UMC and NKI-AvL
Amsterdam UMC research institutes. The 8 research institutes organizes courses on their specific research field. Please check the ‘PhD education’ page on their website. In addition, the VU and UvA-affliliated faculties organizes a high number of courses which might of interested. The VU courses are listed on a website. The UvA courses can be found on the websites of the UvA-faculties. Please note; not all courses are open for registration of Amstedam UMC (non-faculty) members.

External courses
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Oncologie (NVvO) organizes the ‘Basiscursus Oncologie’. 
OOA closely collaborates with the Utrecht Clinical and Translational Oncology school and the Medical Genetics Centre South-West Netherlands (MGC), meaning that you can join their courses, free of charge.

All 18 Dutch Universities and 7 University Medical Centers offer PhD education which might be of interest for you. Especially when you are searching for professional courses outside the oncology field.