Getting started

Starters Package

To guide you through the beginning of your PhD studies and to give you an overview of all topics that may be of interest to you, we created the OOA PhD starters package. Please click on the buttons below to download the package.

Training Plan

All OOA PhD candidates follow – next to their training on the job – an extensive training and education programme to acquire and develop the right skills and knowledge that will ensure a successful career, either within or outside academia.  This OOA training programme (TP) includes a number of obligatory educational and training elements essential for every PhD candidate, complemented by a number of optional courses that can be tailored to individual needs, interests and background.
PhD candidates can join our training programme as soon as they are registered at the OOA. Please see below for all information about the OOA registration process and TP.


OOA has a longstanding tradition of providing an educational programme made up of high quality courses on a wide range of topics in oncology.


A highlight of the educational programme is the annual PhD student retreat, which focuses entirely on the research conducted by the  PhD students.


Adequate supervision is an important issue at the OOA institutes. The participating institutes each have systems for registration and monitoring.