The OOA management team comprises a supervisory board an executive directory, a manager and two staff members. Together they take care of managing the OOA and its educational programme. The management team is assisted by the OOA PhD student council, a team of multiple PhD students, and several task forces.

Executive directory:
Prof. dr. Arjan W. Griffioen, chair
Prof. dr. Hein te Riele,
Dr. Marcel Spaargaren 

Dr. Esther M. Ruhé

Supportive staff:
Evelien Bos
Zaray Hoogendoorn

PhD student council
Barbara Andrade Barbosa
Chavelli Kensen
Ben Ooms

Konstantina Strepi
Maud Schoot Uiterkamp


Retreat task force
Wendy Stam
Esmee Hoefsmit
Kyra de Goede
Anna van de Voort
Elise Marseille
Maartje Leemans
Chavelli Kensen

Supervisory board:
Prof.dr. C. Meijer & Prof.dr T Wurdinger 
Prof.dr. R Medema & Prof.dr. T Sixma
Prof.dr. E Eldering & prof.dr. JP Medema