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Excellent future perspectives

The OOA is a large graduate school dedicated to the training of more than 850 PhD students working in the field of Oncology. Most PhD students are graduated in medicine. Followed by the Master’s programme in biomedical sciences, oncology / cancer genomics. Other studies include, biomolecular sciences, biotechnology, bioinformatics and health sciences. The future perspectives of the graduated OOA PhD students are generally excellent.5

Research programme

The research programme is very broad and ranges from basic molecular biology of the (tumor) cell to clinical bed-side research. Groundbreaking discoveries in the laboratory can directly be explored for their ability to improve cancer treatment by (pre)clinical studies. The interaction between the scientific disciplines creates a stimulating admosphere. Read more.

Teaching programme

The teaching programme of the OOA consists of specialized courses that cover cutting edge topics in the field of oncology, as well as seminars and meetings with international experts. OOA members make a selection out of these courses in compliance with their research interest and background. Read more. 


The OOA management team comprises a supervisory board, an executive directory, a coordinator and two staff members. Together they take care of managing the OOA and its educational programme. The management team is assisted by the OOA PhD student council, a team of 6 PhD students.

Executive directory:
Prof. dr. Arjan W. Griffioen (VUmc), chair
Prof. dr. Hein te Riele (NKI-AvL)
Dr. Marcel Spaargaren (AMC)

Supervisory board:
Prof.dr. C. Meijer & Prof.dr T Wurdinger (VUmc)
Prof.dr. R Medema & Prof.dr. T Sixma (NKI-AvL)
Prof.dr. E Eldering & prof.dr. JP Medema (AMC)

Dr. Esther M. Ruhe-Hoogervorst (VUmc)
Elise Marseille (NKI-AvL
Karin van der Heijden (NKI-AvL)

PhD student council:
Lenka Boyd & Bram Priem (VUmc)
Aafke Creemers & Sanne van Neerven (AMC)
Iris van ‘t Erve & Magarida Ferreira Martins