Welcome to OOA

OOA is a joint graduate school of the Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam and Netherlands Cancer Institute, VU and UvA dedicated to the training of more than 1000 PhD students working in the field of Oncology.

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Strong integration of basic, translational and clinical oncology research
OOA, accredited most recently by NWO, VSNU and KNAW for the period 2016 – 2023, provides an educational programme for PhD students in the Amsterdam region. The main part of our educational program consists of a series of courses that cover specific topics in oncology and an annual retreat. The strength of OOA comes from integration of basic, translational and clinical research of the OOA institutes. The future perspectives of the graduated OOA PhD students are excellent.

This website gives you an overview of our education programme and a brief description of ongoing research. Please contact us for more detailed information.