Adequate supervision is an extremely important topic of interest and attention for OOA. In general, when embarking on a PhD track, you and your supervisor (promotor) will agree on a research plan, the PhD curriculum. The promotor is responsible for providing you with supervision, guidance and feedback. In most cases, a daily supervisor is appointed to continuously assess the progress of your project and your performance.

Evaluation meetings
The research progress of OOA PhD candidates is monitored through yearly evaluation meetings to ensure that all PhD candidates are guided and assessed on the same basic principles to achieve a successful completion of the PhD training. The standard annual evaluation meetings, which includes a go/no-go midterm review, are performed by at least one (at Amsterdam UMC ) or three independent senior researchers (at NKI-AvL). 

Occasional disputes between candidate and supervisor are inevitable, ranging from minor disagreements about the priority of experiments to severe conflicts about research direction, the quality of the thesis or financial support. You are encouraged to discuss those issues directly with your supervisor and/or promotor or supervisory committee. If a problem becomes insurmountable, you have access to independent councelors (click here for the Amsterdam UMC reporting system and here for NKI-AvL) where you can report and discuss potential conflicts regarding scientific integrity, undesirable behavior or discrimination. The OOA also offers support to cope with stress and workload-related issues and provide guidance to improve well-being.