How to write research papers and grant proposals

- a guide to successful scientific writing -

Writing a scientific paper can be a difficult and laborious task. Even more so when English is not your native language. This course is designed to help you to develop effective academic writing skills. During the first part of the course, we will review the principles of effective writing, examples of good and bad writing and tips for making the writing process easier. In addition, you will learn what happens behind the scene once you have submitted your manuscript to a journal, and how to grab the attention of the media once your manuscript is published. We will finish the first part of the course with a couple of ethical values, like copyrights and plagiarism.  

During the second part of the course, we will focus on how to be(come) a successful grant applicant and how to prepare yourself during your PhD. As a PhD student, it is important to actively work on your CV in order to be a competitive grant applicant once you obtained your PhD. You will get insights into how committee members of funding programs evaluate your CV and grant proposal, and what you can do already during your PhD to distinguish yourself from your future competitors. Furthermore, an overview is provided of funding opportunities during and after your PhD, how to actively work on your CV, followed by tips & tricks for writing grant proposals (and the difference with writing a scientific manuscript).

The course includes lectures, discussion groups, workshops and (homework) assignments.

Topics paper writing:
– How to publish a world class paper
– Tips and tricks for English writing (introduction)
– The editor’s and reviewer’s perspective
– Writing a press release
– Outreach activities
– Ethical issues

Topics grant writing:
– How to be(come) a successful grant applicant
– How to prepare yourself during your PhD trajectory
– The evaluation process of a KWF grant proposal


Target Audience:

November 25 – 29, 2019
AmsterdamUMC, location VUmc
OOA PhD students
Please bring your own laptop computer
Free of charge
Prof. dr. Arjan Griffioen, Prof. dr. Hein te Riele
This course is closed for registration