OOA retreat 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated guidelines, nobody can tell if, and/or in whatever form the OOA retreat can take place this year. Nevertheless, we invite you to register for the 2020 retreat (if you are a 1st or 3rd year PhD student) and to answer all questions in the registration form. The coming period we will follow the COVID-19 developments closely to decide if and how it is feasible to organize the OOA retreat this year. We will inform you in due time.

Each year the OOA organizes a three-day retreat for all PhD students participating in the OOA (NKI-AvL and Amsterdam UMC, location AMC & VUmc). The retreat focuses entirely on research conducted by you and your fellow PhD students. Students present their work as a poster (1st year) or in a 12 minute oral presentation (3rd year) and they are also in charge of chairing sessions and discussions (3rd year). The retreat trains important skills in presentation and interaction but it also provides an overview of research conducted within OOA at an early stage of your career. The OOA retreat contributes significantly to the interaction between the students of the different participating institutes and also between the students of different divisions within the same institute: clinical and fundamental. To encourage this interaction, an abstract book outlining the research activities of all participating students will be distributed.

The OOA retreat is always highly appreciated by all participants.
Don’t miss this opportunity to extend your network!

Guidelines for making an abstract, poster and oral presentation, can be found here.



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Registration deadline: 
Abstract submission:

October 7 – 9, 2020. All participants are obliged to participate all three days of the retreat.
To be determined.  
All 1st and 3rd year OOA registered PhD students.  Please contact the organization if this means you cannot participate the OOA Retreat twice, as is obliged.

Free of charge for all PhD students. The fee for AMC/UvA PhD students has to be paid by project funding that is managed by the supervising PI (please see registration form for detailed information).
2.0 ECTS
Karin van der Heijden, Elise Marseille, Hein te Riele
Sunday August 23rd 23:59
Please use this template for your abstract. It has to be submitted by a separate email to OOA@nki.nl. Deadline is also August 23rd. Click here for the guidelines for making an abstract and presentation