Radiation Oncology

– Biological, Physical and Clinical Aspects of Irradiation- 

The course provides an overview of (1) radiobiological and physical principles of radiation oncology, (2) technical innovation in precision radiotherapy, and (3) the route of the radiotherapy patient – via diagnosis, imaging and treatment planning – to therapy.

Topics that will be addressed: effects of irradiation on the DNA and on cellular biology; radiation response of tumours and normal tissues; physics of modern conformal radiotherapy; imaging; treatment planning; fractionation and hypofractionation; particle irradiation; image-guided radiotherapy; brachytherapy; combination treatment with chemotherapy and targeted agents, hyperthermia and immunotherapy; treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, gynaecological and head & neck tumours; quality of life and late effects. New and exciting developments in radiation oncology will be addressed. The course encompasses three practical trainings: (1) the radiobiology laboratory (2) computer-based target volume delineation (3) patient treatment simulation on a linear accelerator.

Target audience



Registration deadline

June 20 – 24, 2022

OOA PhD candidates, researchers and trainees in oncology with a biological, clinical or physics background, having particular interest in the principles and therapeutic effects of radiation.
Free of charge
Arlene Oei, Victor Thijssen, Peter Sminia, Jan-Jakob Sonke, Monique de Jong and Lukas Stalpers
For any questions or need for extra information, please contact e.ruhe@amsterdamumc.nl
May 9, 2022