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Translation of basic research to the clinic and vice versa
Due to our focus on oncology and affiliation with cancer treatment centers, we highly value the translation of basic research findings into clinical applications, and vice versa. We therefore stimulate cooperation and integration of fundamental and clinical researchers by, for example, organizing scientific events that strongly stimulate social interaction, such as the annual OOA retreat.

Organized by and for PhD candidates
The retreat focuses entirely on the research conducted by the graduate students themselves. About 200 PhD candidates present their work at the annual retreat, with early career PhD candidates presenting posters while senior PhD candidates give oral presentations to outline their research findings. PhD candidates are responsible for chairing sessions and awarding prizes for the best poster and oral presentation. The retreat aims to develop important skills such as presenting and peer review, but it also provides an opportunity to network at an early career stage between participants involved in fundamental and applied research. The retreat also expands the candidates’ awareness of oncology research outside their immediate environment and institute.