OOA retreat 2021

Registration to the PhD Retreat is now open! 

The retreat is now reduced to a one day event and will be at the beautiful, artistic location The Cobra Museum for Modern Arts in Amstelveen on Thursday December 2nd

The Cobra Museum is home to colorful, expressive-spontaneous art anchored in European Art History dating back to WWII.

The program will include a key note speaker, workshops, poster presentation by all attending OOA PhD students and a dinner. The keynote speaker will stimulate our brains (pun intended :-)) with an inspiring talk. He is an internationally renowned neuroscientist and is best known for his book: “ We are our brains”. If you have not guessed already, the keynote speaker is no one other than: Prof. dr. Dick Swaab. More information regarding the program will follow in due time.

For attending the retreat, preparing and presenting your poster you will receive a total of 2 ECTS. In case, you are hindered from attending the retreat, information will follow on ECTS compensation.

Please remember that we will follow the guidelines of the RIVM and a CoronaCheck will be done at the entrance. Do not forget to install the CoronaCheck app and also have your ID at hand. 

So are you hyped up about attending the retreat already? Then head to the registration link below! Registration closing date is October 11. Please register promptly as a limited number of guests is allowed. 


The OOA PhD Retreat Taskforce,
Anna, Chavelli, Esmee, Kyra, Maartje & Wendy