The ‘Nederlandse  Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek’ (NWO) awarded the OOA with a grant to initiate the ‘OOA Diamond Program’. This Program is designed for outstanding Master’s students who have the ambition and talent to write and perform their own PhD research project at one of the OOA institutes.

Talent Program
The aim of our Diamond Program is to scout highly motivated Master’s students who have the ambition to design and undertake a PhD research project at OOA, based on their own ideas and interest. We have selected  four OOA Diamond PhD students: Josephine Kahn, Kevin Kos, Sanne van Neerven and Inge van der Werf. Selection was based on – amongst others – grades, CV, motivation and interest in scientific research, and a PhD proposal which was written by the candidates themselves during their Master’s Program.

The first OOA Diamond PhD student, Josephine  finished her (very succesfull) PhD trajectory already within 3,5 years. Sanne, Inge and Kevin are still working towards their PhD degree. 

If you have any question about the Diamond Program, please contact us