Amsterdam Advanced Cytometry Course

Cytometry has become a fundamental technology that enables scientific applications in multiple disciplines including fundamental (Cell Biology), translational (Immunology) and clinical research (Hematology and Oncology). The last 10 years have witnessed an explosion in the development of fluorescence- and mass-based detection methods that are revolutionizing the field. Recently, genomic cytometry and immunophenotyping on tissue have been added to the arsenal of possibilities within most advanced core facilities. An integral part of the responsibilities of cytometry core facilities is to provide educational support and technical training to facilitate access to cytometry-based methods, in order to ultimately ensure the generation of reproducible quality data and an optimal use of existing resources.

This is a comprehensive course that covers the fundamentals of flow cytometry analysis and sorting, as well as mass cytometry. The course is designed to gain in depth knowledge on general technical aspects of the different types of cytometers available in the market and how the different components and their configuration influence data acquisition. Special emphasis is placed on basic concepts of lasers and fluorescence emission, how to properly set up a cytometer for standardized performance, how to optimally prepare cells for a cytometry experiment, the principle of FACS-based cell sorting, and other specialized applications, including data analysis.

Because of restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, we are not able to offer a classroom-based course. Instead, we have set up an online program split over several focused sessions that covers the most important aspects of the course, with the exception of the live demos. 

We will offer this course online in 5 blocks of 1 day distributed through the period October 2020 to 2021. The first block, with a focus on Spectral Flow Cytometry, has already been organized in 2020. 

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PhD students (a restricted number of post-docs, and technicians will be

selected (max. 30 participants))
Free of charge (50 EUR cancellation penalty)
1.5 ECTS (42 hours, in 5 blocks throughout October 2020 to 2021)
Juan J.Garcia Vallejo, MD, PhD, MBA. Not yet open for registration