Basic Oncology

This 5-day course provides you a broad overview of oncology-related topics, with an emphasis on recent advances and issues that are relevant to the pathogenesis and treatment of cancer. It replaces the previously organized ‘CCA basic oncology’ course.  

The course is divided in 7 themes which together cover all aspects of cancer (research):
Cancer Biology: the hallmarks of cancer, the causes and mechanisms of cancer growth.
Imaging and tracing methods to improve detection, diagnosis, prognostification and response monitoring.
Cancer Immunology: the immunulogical processes involved in cancer development, immune monitoring and innovative treatments.
Clincal Therap
y, involving new interventions to improve patient outcome and to establish new standards for care.
Target discovery & preclincal therapy. Identifcation of novel drug targets by descriptive genomic approaches, molecular and functional analysis of specific signaling pathways.
Biomarkers. Identificaty of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive molecules that can be translated to clinically applicable tools on e.g. treatment efficacy.
Supportive care and quality of life, encompassing the prevention or treatment of
symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment as well as physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems.

The course includes lectures by experts in the field, workgroups and (homework) assignments. It is designed for all OOA PhD students, but it is recommended to join during your first or second year, to make sure that you have a solid base in oncology already at an early stage of your PhD trajectory.

Target audience:

June 22 – 26, 2020. 
Amsterdam UMC, VUmc
All OOA members. Preferentially, first or second year PhD candidates.
Free of charge
Maarten Bijlsma, Nicole van Grieken, Rienke van de Ven
Evelien Bos (
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