Immunophenotyping by flow cytometry and multiplexed immunohistochemistry

This is a postgraduate-level course, aimed at PhD students that wish to expand their knowledge on the fundamentals of flow cytometry (conventional, spectral, mass, and imaging flow cytometry) and multiplexed immunohistochemistry (standard multicolor microscopy, spectral, and imaging mass cytometry). You will learn how to design multicolor antibody panels (both for flowcytometry and multiplexed immunohistochemistry), and obtain a comprehensive understanding of experimental design, necessary controls, data pre-processing, data QC, and traditional and high-dimensional data analysis strategies. Other topics will include an overview of the most commonly used markers in immunophenotyping, the integration of immunophenotyping strategies into immune monitoring studies, and successful data display in research articles and presentations.

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November 7 – 11, 2022
O2 lab building
PhD students. Some course spots will be reserved for highly interested research technicians and post-docs.

This course is organized by the Microscopy&Cytrometry course of facility Amsterdam UMC. Since OOA is sponsor of this course, OOA PhD students pay a fee of 300 euro instead of 500 euro.
Juan J.Garcia Vallejo, MD, PhD, MBA. Not yet open for registration