Masterclass with prof. Martine Piccart

‘Collaborations between clinical and

laboratory scientists: understanding the challenges’

Martine Piccart will receive the KNAW Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award 2018 during the Symposium Think BIG: advances in breast cancer treatments. In the morning she will give a Masterclass for a limited number of highly motivated PhD students in oncology. Click here for the CV of prof. Piccart

Outline of the Masterclass

Important cancer discoveries in the lab reach their full potential when they are transferred to the clinic (see the recent example of the Nobel Price for the discovery of CTLA4 and PD(L)1), but the work does not stop there: which patient truly benefits from the new treatment? What are the “resistance” mechanisms? How can they be overcome? The masterclass will outline the challenges faced by translational research teams with specific examples.

    22 November 2018
    Masterclass: 10:00 – 12:00 


    0.3 ECTS
    PhD students in Oncology
    Free of charge


    De Waver, location VUmc
Cancer Center Amsterdam
sther Ruhe


Program Symposium: ‘Think BIG : advances in breast cancer treatments

12.00-12.45    Lunch and registration – foyer Amstelzaal loc. VUmc
12.45-13.00    Introduction, Geert Kazemier, Cancer Center Amsterdam
13.00-13.35    Unconventional approaches to cancer therapy – René Bernards, NKI
13.35-14.10    The BIG picture: Molecular imagina and breast cancer – Liesbeth de Vries, UMC Groningen
14.10-14.25    Physical exercise in patients with breast cancer – Laurien Buffart, Amsterdam UMC

14.25-14.50    Break

14.50-15.05    Award ceremony by Wim van Saarloos, incl. laudatio by Bob Löwenberg, chair jury
15.05-15.50    Lessons learned after two decades of internatinal  academic  research in breast cancer
                          Keynote Lecture – Martine Piccart, 
Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium

16.00                 Reception