Course programme

All courses organized by the OOA, MGC, CTO and RILMS are free of charge. The AMC Graduate School courses are 125 euro each day part, costs are not reimbursed by OOA. If you register, please refer that you are a OOA PhD student.

2018 Course Organizers ECTS 
March 12-16 Knowledge Gaps in Breast Cancer. Information   J. Wesseling, W. Zwart  1.5
March 15 Harnessing the power of proteomics: from genome to proteome and beyond. Meet-the-Expert session with prof. Akhilesh Pandey. Information . Registration closed C. Jimenez, H. Verheul 0.3
March 26 How to be(come) a successful grant applicant: how to prepare yourself during your PhD. Information. Registration closed J. Putters  0.05
April 9 -13 Mouse Morphology, Genetics & Function. Information and registration V. Christofffels, J. Seppen, M. Brox Edvardsen 1.5
April 16 – 20 Basic Microscopy ‘In the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’. Information and registration J. Belien, L. Brocks, E. Desclos, J. Garcia-Vallejo, R. Hoebe, H. Janssen, P. Larsen, M. Mertz, T. O’Toole, D. Picavet, E. Reits, H. van Veen, N. van der Wel 1.6
April 18 and 24 Getting your manuscript out for review and your work the attention it deserves: a strategic approach. Information. Registration closed J.C. Coyne 0.4
May 25 PhD student day OOA PhD student council
October 10-12 Annual Graduate Student Retreat 2018  M. van den Berg, H. te Riele 2.0
October 29 – November 10 Biobusiness. Information and registration A. Griffioen, E. Huijbers, J. van Beijnum 3.0
November 19-23 Basic Medical Statistics / SPSS.  Information and registration   M. Hauptmann, K. Jozwiak 1.5

Links to other courses:
Seminars and staff meetings NKI (staff meetings are only for NKI staff)
In Charge!: a workshop providing guidance in career development to PhD and postdocs in transition (at own expense)

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