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Histopathology of Human TumorsSeptember 20&21
Annual OOA retreatOctober 10 – 12, 2018Basic Microscopy; in the footsteps of Antoni van LeeuwenhoekOctober 15 – 19, 2018BiobusinessOctober 29 – November 9, 2018Basic medical statisticsNovember 19 – 23, 2018ImageJ/FijiNov 30 & Dec 14, 2018O2Flow Cytometry3 – 7 December, 2018Radiation OncologyMarch 25-29, 2019Basic Microscopy ‘In the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’Spring, 2019Mouse Morhology, Genetics and FunctionSpring, 2019





















Courses organized by the OOA partner institutes
If you register, please refer that you are a OOA PhD student. The courses organized by the AMC Graduate School are only free of charge for AMC PhD students. A reduced rate is applied for all other OOA PhD students. Costs can not be reimbursed by OOA. Please contact for detailed information.

Clinical Epidemiology: Evaluation of Medical TestJuly, 2018Enticing T cells to attact cancer. Seminar by Jannie BorstSeptember 7, 2018Charting the genetic architecture of the DNA damage response. Seminar by Daniel DurocherSeptember 14, 2018Cold tumors: you are fired up! Seminar by Ping-Chih HoSeptember 21, 2018Laboratory Animal ScienceSeptember 24 – October 19Genomic assessment of cancer infiltrating immune cells. Seminar by Christian OttensmeierOctober 5, 2018Deep Imaging of the Human Genome. Seminar by Tom MisteliOctober 19, 2018Advanced qPCRNovember, 2018