Basic Microscopy course ‘In the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’

This course teaches you the application of a range of imaging possibilities within the Centre for Microscopy at the AMC, the VUmc and the NKI-AvL. They are presented in lectures, discussions and hands-on demonstrations. The individual research projects of the attending participants will be discussed in relation to the demonstrated techniques, allowing exchange of ideas with fellow participants and microscopy experts and operators. The course is a guide to implement cellular imaging in your own research project. A part of the participants could bring their sample for analysis after consulting with the organization first.

Topics covered include: basic principles of microscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy, specimen preparation and staining methods, quantitative analysis of microscopic images (e.g. Image J), electron microscopy techniques, Imagestream, ultramicroscoop and 2-photon, live cell imaging (e.g. inverted automated fluorescence and Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence)

During this course you will:
– Become proficient in basic microscopy
– Understand the operation and function of a transmitted light, fluorescence, confocal and electron microscope, as well as in imaging flow cytometry
– Learn about preparation techniques and assay systems
– Learn about many applications of the technologies of wide field (e.g. transmission, fluorescence) microscopy, imaging flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy
– Get a good background in 2D and know basics of 3D digital image analysis

Date: To be announced, 2019
Location: AMC, NKI-AvL and VUmc
Target audience: The basic microscopy course is primarily organized for OOA PhD students working with microscopy techniques or are going to work with these techniques in the near future. All other interested PhD students, postdocs and technicians with their own research project can also attend when places are available.
Price: Free of charge
ECTS: 1.5
Organization: J.A.M. Belien, L. Brocks, J.J. Garcia-Vallejo, R. Hoebe, H. Janssen, M. Mertz, T. O’Toole, D. Picavet, E.AJ. Reits, J. Stap, H. van der Veen, N. van der Wel
Information: Esther Ruhé (
Registration: Click here to register
Registration deadline: October 1, 2018