OOA retreat 2018

We are pleased to announce the OOA retreat 2018! This year the retreat will take place from Wednesday October 10th until Friday October 12th. The accommodation is again hotel “De Zeeuwse Stromen” in Renesse, Zeeland NL: www.zeeuwsestromen.nl. All meals, coffee, tea and (shared) bedroom are free of charge. All participants are obliged to stay the three days of the retreat. Busses from NKI and WTC will bring us to Renesse in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The format will be more or less the same as last year: first-year graduate students will present a poster. If you started your PhD more than one year ago, you have to present your work in a 12 minute oral presentation. For each session, two chairpersons will be assigned who will also give a brief introduction of the session. All participants submit an A5-page abstract in English.

At the annual OOA retreat awards are given. There will be three awards for best presentation and best poster and also for best chair.

For organizational reasons and due to other commitments we must set the deadline for registration on Sunday August 26th at 23.59 hrs and not later. If we reach the maximum number of 170 participants, we have to close the registration earlier.

Click on this link to start your subscription

Beware: Please register as soon a possible! If you do not have an abstract ready at this moment, you can submit your abstract later, but before August 27 to: p.lagerweij@nki.nl


  • Instructions for abstract: Please use this template for your abstract. The maximum size is 2250 characters (with spaces – to be seen at Tools in Word). Make use of some subject headings: Background or introduction/methods or aim/results/conclusion.
  • Pictures/graphics are allowed but will be printed in black and white. You can also put a picture of yourself in the abstract so people can recognize you. Not obligatory.
  • All abstracts will be assembled in an abstract book with the program to be distributed well in advance of the retreat.
  • Instructions for poster: format A1 size (portrait = 594 × 841 mm). You can print a poster at Drukkerij Jan Nagel. More info for NKI-AVL employees (with form) or for VU and AMC participants: website Jan Nagel
  • Instructions for presentations: prepare a presentation of 12 minutes maximum. Be aware that detailed data, endless sequences etc. are rarely interesting in a presentation for an audience that represents a wide range of subjects, so it is essential to avoid these as well as jargon, unknown abbreviations, etc.
  • Save your presentation on a memory stick. Laptops (Windows) and beamers will be provided by the hotel.
  • On Thursday you have a free afternoon. The hotel is situated near Renesse (1 km) with several pubs and shops and the beach is not far (300 m). The hotel has a small swimming pool. If you have an idea for an activity (like blokarten or powerkiten) and you want to organize this, let us know.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The OOA student retreat is THE opportunity to present your data and to exchange ideas. But be aware: it is a public meeting, so do not share patentable information in your presentation, discussions or other exchanges. This may include methods, protocols, processes, hypotheses, ideas, etc. that have not been published yet. Once  revealed to the public it can no longer be claimed as an exclusive right.
    If you have doubts or questions concerning the confidentiality of your presentation or other queries on patentable ideas or results, contact your supervisor first. If you need additional information, you can contact:
    NKI-AVL: Technology Transfer Office through TTO@nki.nl
    VUmc and AMC Innovation Exchange Office: info@ixa.nl

Kind regards, also on behalf of Hein te Riele, dean of the OOA at the NKI/AVL.

Patty Lagerweij and Karin van der Heijden- Office managers B7 and B3 / OOA-NKI
Phone: + 31 20 512 6973
email: p.lagerweij@nki.nl